If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough - Albert Einstein.

Sony to sell 'world's first' SD card-based backup for PCs
The company also released new software, saying it aims to simplify the backup process for everyday users. - Computer World.

GM has an eye on TELSA
The company General Motors has created a team to study electric car maker Tesla - Cnet.

Sun$hine Consulting Services
IT Consulting, System Integration, Application Support, Maintenance, Testing.

Project Management
IT - ITS - Software Development, Maintenance, Healthcare System.

HR Consulting
Workplace culture, Communication Design, OD.
Change Management - Skills Maximization, Crisis Management

Leadership Training, Technology Training, Quality Assurance Audits.

Virat HR, Virat Applicant Tracking, Virat Healthcare

Call for transparency on surveillance
Tech giants call for transparency on US surveillance, Dozens of companies, non-profits and trade organizations sent a letters - ITNew.com.au.

Robots to revolutionize farming, ease labor woes
The engineers were testing the Lettuce Bot, a machine that can "thin" a field of lettuce in the time it takes about 20 workers to do the job by hand. - usatoday.com.