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Partnerships are getting more creative, out of necessity. Dwindling resources and tough revenue models are forcing companies to open up new methods of collaboration. From sharing ideas, resources to producing innovative products and outsourcing projects, building pipelines to representing partners in other demographics partnerships are the order of the decade.

And, Partnering is a key component of Sun$hine's successful strategy to provide customers with exceptional technical solutions and critical value. Not only do we believe in partnering with our clients, we also believe in partnering with other companies with like objectives and goals, so that synergy and a Innovative approach is pursued every time. Through this collaboration of like minds and a diverse array of talents we can truly become the single source solutions provider for our clients, while quality and service remains paramount and not sacrificed.

As an Oracle Partner we provide implementation, integration, and strategic planning services. Working with our partners to build and sustain lasting relationships is in our DNA. With industry expertise and specialized knowledge of our partners we provide our customers with the highest level of service and support.

Through our Strategic Partner Program we work closely with independent vendors, professionals, research & academic firms, giving us access to the key applications that support your business, unrivalled skills and experience in managing the business that supports them. Because we are able to extend the service offerings of our Strategic Partners, we also work with them to help create New Innovations, New Markets and New Opportunities.