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Products -- VIRAT Application Tracking

SUN$HINE'S  VIRAT application tracking system would be a fully automated system starting from requisition to hiring and on-boarding. The systems will have features to track internal and external applications for applying for vacancies by loading the resumes. The external recruiters can have access to the systems to recruit potential hire by using the system. The software will have other features like background checking, e-verification and linking the job posting to various job portals. The secured architecture and features of application will prevent virus & threat from hackers. Once the data is entered in the application tracking system, it can be accessible within the HR system and the entire module will be able to use the data without data redundancy.

Virat Self Service

Employee Self-Service is a platform where employees can update personal information, dependent information, direct deposit information, fill out tax forms, attach documents and send it to the HR department. The system will allow employees to request for vacation and apply for sick leave and track the approval from their managers. The other features in this system will allow employees to update Life Events and communicate with the HR and Benefits department.

Manager Self-Service “makes managing more employees with ease”; it is another platform where managers can quickly and easily access employees data who are direct reports and pertinent employee information from anywhere at any time and can also automate emails, alerts, and work flows and has lot more features.

VIRAT Time and Attendance

The VIRAT Time and Attendance module is a fully automated and Web-based time and attendance solution, you can eliminate time wasting tasks like collecting and compiling paper time cards.

It integrates with Virat HR, Virat Self Service HR modules. It also supports online time-off requests and approval, online time sheets, a clocking in and out functionality, scheduling, time-off requests, detailed reporting, and leave accrual calculations, making it easy for employees and managers to organize schedules.
VIRAT Human Resource suite offers much more features :

• VIRAT Benefits
• VIRAT Learning Management
• VIRAT Performance Management
• VIRAT Human Capital Management

Virat Learning Management module is a robust Training Management module with multiple features in its software line. The product has the ability to track different learning programs offered by the company and its vendors. Virat Performance Management module has extensive features, is flexible and powerful. It allows the HR department to set performance standards and indicators while also providing pre-defined measures that help guide managers when determining how they should be set.