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Products -- VIRAT Human Resource Management System

SUN$HINE'S  Human Resource Management application, called VIRAT Human Resource Management System, is a web based application which is being developed by Sun$hine Consulting. This product will target small and midsized companies to cater to the people-related activities that provides for extensive automation of all HR-related processes. The product will be marketed as independent modules based on the client needs.
Following modules will be released during the first phase of product rollout.

Virat HR
Virat Application Tracking
Virat Self Services HR
Virat Time and Attendance
Virat Benefits
Virat Learning Management
Virat Performance Management

VIRAT HR The Core HR Software will be having features to track Employees, Contingent Workers, Temporary Seasonal Workers, Interns and Retirees. This HR management software will integrate within all modules, such as Virat Applicant Tracking, Virat Self Service, Virat Time and Attendance and Virat Learning Management modules. The software is being developed keeping the implement cost, post implementation support and maintenance. The user will able use the software, navigates within the forms, record, retrieve data and track history with ease. The features include tracking Job, Position, Grades, Salary Ranges, Exempt and Non Exempt employees.

The software will allow the users to build Org charts with diagrammatical representation. The HR system will track assets given to the employee during on-boarding and will remind the HR department to collect to back from the employee during separation from the company. The user should be able to extract reports using the dashboard feature and the reports will have graphical representation.