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Products  --  Health Care Management System

SUN$HINE'S Healthcare Management application, called VIRAT Healthcare Management System, is innovative, Integrated Healthcare Management System, which is being developed. VIRAT Healthcare System is used to exchange, manage, and track healthcare referral relationships online, capture personal medical history. This application will be designed to provide a simple and reliable way to store and convey one’s medical history. Upon the event of an emergency, medical information would have to be acquired from the patient’s current doctor or family for any informed, safe procedure.

VIRAT Healthcare System, will coordinate physician's referrals securely across organizations by reducing processing time and errors while increasing revenues. VIRAT Healthcare System, would alleviate the need to track down this medical history because it would be readily available. Doctors would be able to add information to the patient’s Virat Healthcare System account at anytime, including at an appointment, with the patient’s consent.

More specifically, Virat Healthcare System will contain extensive documentation of the patient’s medical records, which can be authored by the physician or the patient’s healthcare provider(s). This includes diagnoses, treatments, medications, allergies, and medical procedures. Virat Health Care would allow for uniform communication of information between the patient and their respective doctor(s).

VIRAT Healthcare System will integrate with any EMR or EHR or Practice management software that the physician's office uses currently. The physician's office will be able to now benefit from true paperless collaboration. VIRAT Healthcare System, provide features such as two-way communication, insurance acceptance verification and transmission of records.

The software would label and organize information authored by health care providers separately from information authored by the patient to maintain authenticity. VIRAT Healthcare System will cater to the needs of not just small practices but also medium and large practices and hospitals in a complete safe and secured way.